Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the wonder of Christmas approaches

While I always have good intentions for doing more art and crafting in preparation for Christmas, this magical time always seems to come spinning in upon me. And that is just as well. As my new friend Curtiss Anne has stated, "It seems that my plans get things done (or not), while life’s plans make memories."

In her recent post, Curtis Anne has also mentioned about Christmas approaching. Take a moment to have a look and to comment about one of your favourite Christmas traditions. You could be the fortunate winner of one of Curtiss Anne's very own books.

As for myself, I can say that I have noticed some Christmas trees being up and glowing. I personally quite enjoy Christmas shopping and try not to agonize about it. I had decided to browse through Michael's yesterday in search of some extras for in this year's Christmas shoebox. I ended up spending quite some time there and getting lots of Christmas shopping done. It was fun. Of course I got a couple of things for myself too.

The following are creations I have managed to start making for Christmas. I will be interested to see if I can finish them before this Christmas.

My plan at this very moment is to sit quietly for a few moments. I will listen to the Christmas music I love so much. I find it right here on my blog. I hope you might find some joy with it also.

Wishing for you much peace and contentment through this time of preparation. May you find some strength within to change those areas which for you may be difficult. I will hope that in this time when finances may be a concern, you might find some joy in creating homemade gifts and giving, as well as receiving graciously, gifts of the heart. I would also hope that if finances are not a concern, you might consider giving, and requesting, "gifts of magic" or something similar.

May angels be with you as "the wonder of Christmas approaches."