Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome Winter

The light of the winter solstice seems to me to be very special. A photographer knows that brilliant bright sunlight at the middle of the day and the hours surrounding, are not typically the best time to be taking photographs. This is one of the reasons I love to celebrate the entrance of winter with some time midst nature, some time taking photographs in the light which is always fabulous throughout the day, and some time contemplating the entrance also of the Baby Jesus in only a few days.

A couple of years ago I was able to capture some of my most fabulous nature scenes during the entrance of winter. I returned on this Sunday, not quite for the solstice but very clearly close enough to capture once again some brilliant light, to the grounds at St. Pete's. As my fingers and toes began to chill, with the pausing to capture the light, I delighted in the magic of this season. I offered up a number of intimate prayers praising the presence of spirit and angels. I delighted in the mystery of life.

If one is still while visiting St. Pete's one might catch sight of a thoughtful white bunny. Deer are also visitors there at times. 

This visit, I was able to see a bunny at a distance but as I approached, it disappeared out of sight. The chickadees, however, love visitors. While walking midst the trees they will be chick a dee dee deeing all about you. If you stand still for any length of time they will invade your reverie as they look for food on your camera and self. I had little time as the light was quickly fading. I had not even brought seeds along with me. That will be for another day.

Praying that angels be with you as we have said welcome to winter - that season sometimes filled with wonder

 and other times filled with harshness.

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Dale Anne said...

LOVE this!!!
We had snow overnite, so I think tomorrow I will go out & about town taking some winter shots - you've inspired me!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS & all the BESTEST of everything in 2010!!!